Enterprise Workflow Overview

A key aspect of providing a great developer experience for visitors to your hub is ensuring that the information is always up-to-date and accurately reflects how to use and interact with your API.

Maintaining a great docs site relies on your team's workflow for creating, editing, reviewing, and publishing documentation. This section details helpful, Enterprise-only features that benefit your team's workflow 👍

Staging: Project-Level Promotions for Your Publishing Workflow 🎭

Jump to this page to learn more about Staging. Staging gives Enterprise Group Admins extra reassurance and control over the content of their live developer hubs, by saving changes to a review environment before they are published live. If you don't have Staging enabled for your Enterprise Group but are interested in learning more, reach out to your PXM!

Audit Logs: Updates at a Glance 🔎

View how logged-in members in your Enterprise Group have updated projects over time, including what actions they've taken and when, with Audit Logs! Learn more here.

Export Your Guides with PDF Generation 🖨️

Want a PDF copy of your docs? Can do! Head to our PDF Generation page to get more details.