Enterprise Workflow Overview

A key aspect of providing a great developer experience for visitors to your hub is ensuring that the information is always up-to-date and accurately reflects how to use and interact with your API.

Maintaining a great docs site relies on your team's workflow for creating, editing, reviewing, and publishing documentation. This section details helpful, Enterprise-only features that benefit your team's workflow 👍

Reusable Content: Edit Once, Update Everywhere ♻️

Create blocks of Markdown content that are reusable across all child projects in your Enterprise Group. Streamline the process of maintaining your docs and minimize duplicative work with Reusable Content! Learn more here.

Staging: Project-Level Promotions for Your Publishing Workflow 🎭

Jump to this page to learn more about Staging. Staging gives Enterprise Group Admins extra reassurance and control over the content of their live developer hubs, by saving changes to a review environment before they are published live. If you don't have Staging enabled for your Enterprise Group but are interested in learning more, reach out to your PXM!

Audit Logs: Updates at a Glance 🔎

View how logged-in members in your Enterprise Group have updated projects over time, including what actions they've taken and when, with Audit Logs! Learn more here.

Export Your Guides with PDF Generation 🖨️

Want a PDF copy of your docs? Can do! Head to our PDF Generation page to get more details.