Enterprise Settings

Group Settings


Custom Domain

  • Set the Custom Domain for the Enterprise Group
  • This domain is global and applies to all of the child projects added to this group
  • Example: docs.company.com

See Setting Custom Domain & SSL

Third-Party Integrations

  • Integrations set at the Enterprise Group level will apply to all child projects

User Analytics

  • User Analytics roll up to your Enterprise Dashboard and represent visitors across your projects.
  • The interactive User Analytics piechart allows you to visually represents your visitors.
  • Group by:
    • Roles: Job Roles (CEO, Founder) or Departments (Engineering, Product, Operations)
    • Company: and Departments and Individuals
    • Location: Country > Region > City

OAuth 2.0 Connect




  • Footer Options

Click the check box to turn off the ReadMe logo across projects in your Enterprise Group

Theme Settings

  • Set or Update Logo
  • Set or Update Favicon
  • Select the Sub-header Layout (see Site Navigation)

Custom Javascript, CSS and Include Tags

  • Appearance changes can be set at the Enterprise Group level and will apply to all child projects within that group.

Enterprise Group CSS rules will apply to all child custom stylesheet rules. It’s important to note that they will not overwrite child project styles, but will be applied before project styles.

Global Landing Page

  • Add HTML to the body of the global landing page
  • Redirect to your own global landing page you host or redirect to one of your child projects

Audit Logs

  • Enterprise Group Admins can view how logged-in members updated projects over time.
  • see Audit Logs

Quick Switcher


To open Quick Switcher, use ⌘+K for Mac, Ctrl+K for Windows, or click on the magnifying glass at the bottom of the sidebar menu.

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