Structuring Your Docs

While your API reference is critical for your developers, it's only the start of a great developer hub! Beyond your reference, adding guides, code samples, video walkthroughs, and more help developers understand use cases for your API and accomplish what they're looking for. That's where ReadMe's other documentation page types come in!

Once you've set up your API reference, you're ready to write more content to welcome users to your hub, explain what your API does and how to get the most out of it, and keep them updated on recent changes to your API. Let's get started!


Writing Content

All documentation pages are written in Markdown. You can use Markdown Syntax to create content styling like headers and bolded text, and insert blocks such as callouts, code blocks, and image blocks.

Creating Documentation From Your Dashboard

To start creating documentation for your developer hub head to your Dashboard > Documentation.

On the following subpages you can learn more about each of the types of documentation and how they'll help your users better understand and get the most out of your API!