Amazon API Gateway


ReadMe is an AWS Partner!

We’re an official Amazon API Gateway partner to provide best-in-class developer hubs for any team that creates, maintains, or secures their APIs with Amazon API Gateway 🎉

You can check out our announcement blog post here for more information.

If you build with Amazon API Gateway, you can use the ReadMe integration to seamlessly provide best-in-class developer hubs for your users 🎉

With the ReadMe integration for API Gateway, your API definition and any subsequent updates — whether made manually or through a CI/CD pipeline — are automatically synced to your developer hub in ReadMe using the ReadMe API.

To get started, head over to the Amazon API Gateway + ReadMe Integration docs here. We also have a video that walks through the setup process for this integration, which you can check out below:


Interested in using API Gateway to set up the Personalized Docs Webhook?

You can use AWS Lambda to deploy the Personalized Docs Webhook if you already use Amazon API Gateway to manage API credentials for your users. Find instructions on how to get started, dedicated code samples, and more in this doc!