Plans and Pricing


Looking For the Full Details on ReadMe's Plans and Pricing?

Head to our pricing page where you can see a full feature breakdown by plan!

Choosing the Right Plan

Based on your usage, we'll recommend a plan for you! You can view the full details on all of our plans at our pricing page.


Interested in Exploring Enterprise?

Head to our Enterprise page to request a demo and talk with one of our team members!

Managing and Upgrading Your Plan

To find information about the current plan you're on or to upgrade your plan, navigate to the Configuration > Upgrade Plan page of your project's dashboard.

For Startup and Business plans, your project can be upgraded with a credit card. Only the Project Owner (found under General Settings > Manage Team) can purchase a paid plan.

ReadMe's Free Plan

ReadMe's Free Plan only includes the API reference section—you won't be able to publish any content in Guides. If you just need to show documentation based on an OAS file, and don't need a custom domain or advanced customization, this plan is for you!


Testing Out ReadMe with a Trial?

The version of ReadMe offered during the 14-day trial is equivalent to ReadMe's Business plan. Once your trial ends, some of the features you may have been using like Guides or custom CSS may not be available with the Startup or Free plans.

Plans for Open Source Projects

We ❤️ open source! If you have an open source GitHub or Bitbucket repository and the entire project is open source (not just an SDK or library related to a closed source project) then you qualify for our Open Source plan!

The Open Source plan includes all the features in the Startup plan except:

  1. You don't get a custom domain (it will stay as
  2. The docs must be public. (Site-wide Password is not a protection option.)

To apply for an Open Source plan, go to your Project Dashboard > Upgrade Plan, click on the Open Source application link, and fill out the form.

If you have any questions about the Open Source plan, contact us and we'll be more than happy to help you out!