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ReadMe Changelog

Add A Post

Navigate to Documentation > Changelog.


To delete a post, hover over any title and click the red "X" that appears


The Changelog is shared across all versions. Adding a post will add it to all versions. Deleting a post will remove it everywhere.

Posts will appear from the most recent to the most outdated, both on the backend and the frontend.


Every post will display the Author and the amount of time passed since posting

Changelog Types

Changelog uses the same editor as our Documentation component with the added option to choose a Changelog Type


No Type means that no icon will appear next to the title when published

Edit Metadata

Modify the metadata from the dropdown arrow next to Update Post


Change the Post Date to any time or the Posted By to any Project Member


Posts will appear from most recent to most outdated

Changelog posts are ordered by date. Change the Post Date to change the order.

RSS Feed

Users can subscribe to your changelog. Simply add .rss to the end of your changelog URL

Or for custom domains:

and for enterprise projects with a custom domain:[project]/changelog.rss

Once you have your URL, you can use any RSS feed widget/tool to input the URL and generate HTML to embed it (here's an example)!