ReadMe's Outbound IP Addresses

Once you have an API reference section set up with ReadMe, your API will likely start receiving requests from ReadMe's servers. This may be happening because:

  • Your users are making API requests within your reference section (i.e., "Try It!") and by default, all API requests are proxied through ReadMe 🔀
  • You're consuming a ReadMe webhook (e.g., pre-populating your users' API keys and other info in their API reference via the Personalized Docs Webhook) 🪝

For folks that lock down their systems to a limited set of IP addresses, ReadMe's servers has a list of fixed outbound IP addresses that you can add to your allow list. You can retrieve this list of IP addresses from this endpoint.

Although ReadMe’s outbound IP addresses may change, the IPs in the API response will be valid for at least 7 days. If you configure your API or webhooks to limit access based on these IPs, you should refresh the IP list from this endpoint weekly.