Manage Team

Project Dashboard > Configuration > Manage Team


There are two team roles:

  • Project Owner
  • Admin

There can only be one Project Owner, everyone else on the team is an Admin. The number of Admins allowed on a team depends on the project plan:

PlanNumber of Admin Users
EnterpriseContact us!


Project Owners and Admins share the same privileges except for:

  1. Billing
  2. Project Management
  3. Team Management
Project OwnerProject Admins
View invoice/receipt settingsXX
Upgrade planX
Project Management
Import dataXX
Export dataXX
Change subdomainXX
Clone ProjectX
Delete projectX
Team Management
Invite AdminsXX
Remove AdminsXX
Remove selfX
Transfer project ownershipX
Delete pending invitesX


Enterprise Exception

Project Owners of ReadMe projects under an Enterprise Group cannot invite or remove Admins unless they are an Admin of the Enterprise Group.