Payment and Billing Info

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This page only applies to projects on a self-serve plan

Free, Startup, Business, and Open Source plans read on!

Enterprise plan users should reach out to their Product Experience Manager (PXM) for assistance with any billing matters.


Project Owners and Payment Information

Only the Project Owner can manage a project's billing and payment info. Admins do not have access to the payment method on file or any billing info, nor can they change the project plan.

All billing and payment information (credit card, payment history, coupon codes/discounts, and plan) is linked with the Project Owner, not the project itself. If a project's ownership is transferred to another member, this linked information is removed from the project. New project owners will need to select a plan and submit a payment method, even if the plan and credit card are the same as the old owner.

Project Owners can own multiple projects, and pay for those projects with the same payment method.


Not sure who is the owner of your project?

Go to your Project Dashboard > Configuration > Manage Team to see which team member owns a project.


Updating Payment Info

There are a few ways Project Owners can navigate to their Payment Information:

  • Go to your Project Dashboard > Configuration > Manage Plan (at the top right-hand corner of the page)
  • Go to your Account Dashboard > Click on your username (at the top right-hand corner) > Click on Payment Info
  • Go directly to


Receipt management

To manage your project's receipts, go to the Project Dashboard > Configuration > Manage Plan and click on the View Invoices button at the top right-hand corner of the page.

Viewing receipts and billing history

Past receipts can be downloaded as a PDF, viewed within the browser, or emailed direct to another recipient. If multiple receipts are selected, those PDFs are bundled into a .zip file for easy downloading and attachment.

Project Owners can only access receipt and billing history for payments made while they were owner. To retrieve receipts for payments made with a previous owner, contact our Support Team!


Owners of multiple projects may see other project payments in this modal


Customizing receipts

To customize information on a receipt or to send future payment notifications to another email address, select the Receipt Settings link at the bottom of the modal.

The Invoices and Payment History modal

The Invoices and Payment History modal


In the Receipt Settings modal Extra Billing Information such as an organization's physical address can be added to our auto-generated receipts.

If a copy of your receipt needs to be sent to someone else (accountant, finance team, manager, etc.) add their email address to the Send me my receipts field. At this time only one email address can be specified here; we'll use this email for receipt copies only.

The Receipt Settings modal

The Receipt Settings modal


Supported payment methods

Self-serve plans can be paid for monthly using US-based credit cards from major providers. Annual billing and payment via ACH bank transfer are not yet available, but will be in the near future!


Need help with my project's billing info

If you have any questions or need additional help with your project's billing or payment information, contact us using the messenger at the bottom right-hand corner of any ReadMe page!


Never share your credit card number or bank account information

ReadMe staff will never request your full payment account number.