Using Metrics Charts

Using Metrics Charts


Tracking trends over time is a key way to measure the impact of improvements and new API features. Based on your ReadMe plan, you'll have access to a certain amount of data history. Toggle between them in the upper right corner to drill down on usage spikes or dips, pull metrics for quarterly or annual planning cycles, or see how much variability you have week to week.



Dial into the answers you're looking for with filters specific to each chart to show, hide, or group the underlying data. These allow you to create custom views for the particular question you're investigating like breaking down API usage by method or tracking negative page votes over time.


Chart Type & Compare

For every chart, you can switch between line and bar charts to get the view of your data that's most helpful to you. Click the toggle to compare your data to the prior period (based on your chosen History window) to track trends over time.



Think of these as ReadMe pro tips — we've put together one-click shortcuts to popular filter and history settings that answer the most common questions platform teams have about their hubs and API usage. Just check the bottom of each chart!