Supporting Your Developers

🔗 Connecting with Your Developer Community

By building beautiful, personalized, and interactive developer hubs with ReadMe, you're able to create an experience for the developers using your API(s) that feels dynamic and catered to their needs. They're able to easily log in with their API key, try out your API directly from the API reference, and troubleshoot API calls without ever having to leave your developer hub.

An immersive and engaging developer experience, however, doesn't end once you build your ReadMe hub. There are many ways to continue communicating with your developers, keeping them updated and informed and offering ways for them to keep participating in the dialogue and engage with other developers using your API.

✨ Tips for Creating A Great Developer Experience

  1. Post updates, tips, and new or improved features in Changelog
  2. Enable the Discussions feature to create a forum for your developers where your team can easily communicate with your end developers and those developers can connect with one another!
  3. Enable Suggested Edits to allow your community to let you know when they think a page in your docs isn't fully accurate or could be improved
  4. Don’t keep your best use cases to yourself — share them with Recipes! Walk your developers through your code samples with step-by-step instructions
  5. Integrate with Zendesk or Intercom to allow visitors to ReadMe to easily ask a question or send in a support message
  6. Use Health Checks to easily communicate status updates to your developers

Keep reading to find helpful guides on how to:

  • 🗣 Build and maintain discussion forums that allow your developers to post questions and comments and for your team members to quickly respond to them
  • ❓ Create an FAQ section for common developer questions
  • 🧯 How to inform your developers of when your API or product is having stability issues or downtime