Suggested Edits

Suggested Edits is a way for your community to let you know when they think a doc is out of date or could be better.

  • Only admins can see suggestions that are submitted by users in your hub
  • Users must have a ReadMe account in order to suggest an edit
  • Any Project Admin or Project Owner can also make edits via the Suggest Edits feature
  • Suggest Edits is only available on paid ReadMe plans
  • Suggestions can only be made in the Guides pages of your developer hub

How to Suggest an Edit

You can locate the Suggest Edits functionality in the top right corner of any Guides page in your developer hub:

If they're not already logged in, the user will be prompted to login and can then return to the page where they'd like to suggest an edit. The Suggest Edits editor resembles the same Markdown editor ReadMe Admins use to write Guides pages:

Save an Edit Directly

If you're a Project Admin or Owner, you can save edits directly, in addition to suggesting them:

Don't worry — your users can't just edit your pages! The Save functionality is only available to Admins and Owners of the project!

How to Submit an Edit

Once a user is logged in, they'll follow these steps to suggest an edit:

  1. Click on the "Suggest Edits" button
  2. Locate the area in the Guides page where they'd like to suggest an edit(s) and use ReadMe's editor to make those changes
  3. Click "Suggest" and add a title to the suggested edits. You can also add an optional description before submitting your suggestion.
  1. [Optional] You can also add additional edits, preview the change, add a comment, and see the before and after.


All Suggested Edits have a preview button!

Both users suggesting an edit and Project Admins can view any changes in the live site to get a true feel for how the change will render — no imagination required!

How to Review Edits

There will be a number adjacent to the Suggested Edits section in your dashboard's sidebar when there are outstanding suggested edits to review.

Each new suggestion will show up in the "Open" section. Toggle to the Closed section to review previously merged or rejected suggestions.

When you click on the suggestion, the changed section will be highlighted in GREEN. You can also click Preview to see how the change will appear in the live page in your developer hub.

If you click on the Merge Edits button, the changes will be saved as shown in After.

If you click Close the suggestion now shows up under the Closed tab as Rejected. For Rejected edits, if you click on the title of the edit, you'll be taken to the editing page where you'll have the option to reopen the suggestion.

Turn Off or Disable Suggested Edits

Uncheck the box under **Project Dashboard > Manage Projects** and hit Save!

Uncheck the box under Project Dashboard > Manage Projects and hit Save!