Suggested Edits

Suggested edits are a way for your community to let you know when they think a doc is out of date or could be better.

  • Only you can see suggested edits that are submitted on your site
  • Users must have a ReadMe account to make a comment
  • You can also make edits directly in suggested edits
  • The project must be on a paid plan
  • The ability to suggest edits is only supported in Guides, not API Reference, Changelog, etc.

How to Suggest an Edit

The Suggested Edits button shows up in the top right corner of your page (note: this is only supported in Guides, not API Reference, Changelog, etc.):


The user will be prompted to login and will be taken to the editor:


If you're signed in to the page as an admin, it will look like this:


Don't worry - regular users can't just edit your pages! If you are logged in as an admin though, you can make changes directly here, just like you can in the admin panel.

How to Submit an Edit


  1. Click on the "Suggest Edits" button
  2. Sign in to a ReadMe account (does not have to be admin)
  3. See this page and use the ReadMe editor & Markdown to type in their edits. This does not change the page until approved
  1. Describe why these changes should happen and any add'l info.

How to Review Edits

You'll know there's a suggested edit when a little green box shows up next to Suggestions in the dashboard.


Each new suggestion will show up in the "open" section.


When you click on the suggestion, the changed section will be highlighted in GREEN. And you can click the tabs on the right side to switch between Before and After.


If you click on the Merge button, the changes will be saved as shown in After.

If you click Close the suggestion now shows up under the Closed tab. If you click on it there will be an option to reopen the suggestion.


Turn Off or Disable Suggest Edits

Uncheck the box under **Project Dashboard > Manage Projects** and hit Save!

Uncheck the box under Project Dashboard > Manage Projects and hit Save!

Preview Suggested Edits

All suggested edits have a preview button! Admins can view any changes in the live site so they can truly get a feel for when everything is just right, no imagination required.