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The Support forum allows users to interact with each other (COMMUNITY!) to answer questions and learn to use your API or documentation in new ways!

  1. To ask a new question, click on the Ask a Question button. This requires the user to sign-in or sign-up for a ReadMe account.
  1. Fill out the question form:
  1. Your new question shows up at the top of the selected category. Other users can then vote, at the top of the page or respond, at the bottom of the page, to the question.

users can also vote from the forum page

  1. Admins can mark a questions as solved when a good response has been posted.
  1. Questions that have been solved show with a Solved! box on the forum page.


The project admins will get a notification on any new posts. You as the poster, will get a notification if anyone responds to your post. Anyone who responds to your post will get subsequent notifications on any new responses.

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