Upgrades and Payment Info


Owner Info Only!

Only the project owner can see and edit payment info.


New Project Owners Must Re-enter Payment & Re-select Plan

Paid subscriptions are tied to the owner of a project. When ownership is transferred, payment and plan type must be re-entered. For new owners, the payment info section is empty until they pay for a plan with their own payment info under Configuration > Upgrade Plan

The new owner has 14 days after transfer to do this before the project is automatically reverted to trial.

Navigating to Your Payment Info

You can view your payment and billing info by heading to this page in your dashboard: https://dash.readme.com/user/invoices.

Updating Your Payment Info

In the Payment info section you'll be able to view a list of your invoices. In order to receive emailed receipts when your credit card is charged, click on the mail icon next to that charge, or scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Receipt Settings to set up recurring emails. This is also where you can update payment information.

If you click Receipt Settings, this screen will pop up. Here you can enter your company's info if needed, or an email address to send the receipts!