Making Your Hub Shine

🧑‍🎨 Making Your Hub Look & Feel Like Your Brand

Once you've dropped all your content in, it's time to customize your hub visually! In addition to adding your logo, brand colors, etc. you can also optimize the site navigation by customizing header names, adding additional nav links, and more!

🎨 Design Themes

Choose a theme from ReadMe’s library to customize the appearance of your docs or add your own custom CSS to make it even more personalized.

🔗 Custom CSS & JS

Jump to this section to learn how and where you can add CSS and JavaScript to further customize the appearance of your docs site.

🧭 Site Navigation

Head to this section for step-by-step instructions on how to customize the styling and content that lives in your top navigation, subheader, site footer, and first page dropdown menu

💪 Pro Tips

Want to make your site feel even snazzier and more polished? Head to this page for helpful tips and tricks!

🤖 Integrations

Integrate with a variety of tools from Slack to Intercom and Typekit. Head to this section for specific setup instructions on how to integrate with each tool!