Project Setup Overview

In this section you'll find all the important details to set up your project—everything from building your API reference, sending API logs, setting up custom login, and setting up custom domain and SSL!

If you're just getting started with your ReadMe project, we recommend you review each section in order. If your ReadMe project is already set up, feel free to jump to the section that works best for you!

➕ Adding Your API Reference

This section provides an overview on a key part of setting up your ReadMe project: building your API Reference. Jump to this section for details on how to add your API reference, whether via OpenAPI Upload or via Manual API editor.

🗃 OpenAPI Support in ReadMe

For all things OpenAPI-related, including importing and syncing OpenAPI documents, head to this section!

📬 Sending API Logs

Learn how to send your API request data to ReadMe to get powerful insights on how developers are using your API, as well as any issues they encounter! Head to this section.

👋 Personalizing Your Docs

Want to create an experience for your developers that feels even more personalized and interactive as they navigate through your API reference and the pages of your guides? Take advantage of variables, our Personalized Docs Webhook, and more. This section has more details!

🚪 Setting Up Custom Domain and SSL

Learn how to configure your own custom domain and generate an SSL certificate here!

🚀 Launching Your Project

Ready to launch your ReadMe project? Don't worry, you can keep working on it once it's launched! Head here for more details!