Billing FAQ


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Reach out to support via the widget at the bottom right of this page or send an email to [email protected].

What plans does ReadMe offer and how much do they cost?

Great question! You can find the full breakdown of ReadMe's available plans, along with included features and monthly pricing here.

Who can upgrade ReadMe plans?

Only Project Owners, also known as Billing Contacts, can upgrade a ReadMe plan. You can use a credit card to upgrade to the Startup or Business plans. If you'd like to upgrade to Enterprise, please fill out a form here.

Where can I view invoices?

If you are on the Startup or Business plans, you can view invoices in the Payment Info section, accessible here and in the icon menu in the top right of the project's sidebar.

If you are on an Enterprise plan, reach out to your PXM and they will send your a copy of your invoice(s). You can locate your PXM in the Group Settings of your Enterprise Group Dashboard.

Who can view invoices and receipts?

Project Owners (Billing Contacts) can view past invoices and payment receipts.

Are annual or custom invoicing options available?

These options are not available on ReadMe's Startup or Business plans. You are able to set-up auto pay and the credit card on file will be charged monthly. If you do not have a credit card on file for more than 14 days your account will be de-activated.

If you are on an Enterprise plan and have a specific question related to billing, please reach out directly to your PXM.

What happens when my ReadMe trial ends?

After your 14 day trial finishes you will be prompted to select a ReadMe plan, whether Free, Startup, Business, or Enterprise. You will need to speak with an Account Executive if you're interested in becoming an Enterprise customer. If you are interested in moving to ReadMe's Free plan you will need to select that in your project's dashboard settings—ReadMe will not automatically move you onto the Free plan once your trial ends.

Before you can publish (aka launch) your project, you’ll need to first select a plan in your dashboard settings. If you’re not quite ready to launch yet, no worries—you can keep working on your docs after you choose a ReadMe plan 😉

Just a note that the version of ReadMe offered during the trial is equivalent to our Business plan. Once your trial ends, some of the features you may have been using like Guides or custom CSS may not be available with the Startup or Free plans.

How can I transfer project ownership?

See our docs for specific details and instructions for transferring project ownership.

How can I have a copy of my receipt automatically sent to an email address?

Project Owners can have a copy of their project's monthly receipt sent automatically to a provided email address when a payment is made.

When viewing invoices, click on Receipt Settings:

From there, enter the recipient's email address next to "Send me my receipts":