Custom Javascript and CSS

In this section you can add CSS and Javascript to further customize the appearance of your docs site.

Custom Stylesheet


You should limit your changes to minor tweaks. Additionally, stylesheets aren't versioned; all versions use the same stylesheet.

Custom Javascript

Your Javascript will be included at the bottom of the page.

Global Variables

ReadMe exposes certain global variables to help you customize the user experience of your hub:

  • RM_ReferenceSidebarScrollTopOffset
    Pixel offset for the scroll-to-active-item sidebar logic in continuous ReferenceReference - The API Explorer sections.

Custom Include Tags

Header HTML

Any html here will be included in the head tag, which is good for things like meta tags and loading external CSS or JS.

Footer HTML
This will go right before the tag. Good for things like analytics and tracking.

Toggling Custom Javascript and CSS

Add the ?disableCustomCss=true&disableCustomJs=true query params to the end of any URL.

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