Unaffected Sections

Only the Guides, Recipes, and Reference sections are impacted by versioning. Content for all other sections (Landing Page, Discussions, Changelog) will persist across versions.

Making a New Version

To create a new version, go to Versions in the left hand menu. Then click on the Add New Version button in the right top corner. Choose which version to fork from. This will create a copy of this version, you will not be able to pull the changes back to the version forked from


It is not possible to merge two versions, so if you want to make changes to both you will need to do it manually!

Version options

Main Version?
This is the version that your domain will direct to. Users can change to a different version by clicking the version in the upper right corner.

Is Beta
Creating a beta version makes a box next to a version on the version changer. It does not create a callout on the page.

Is Public?
Next to the version you want to hide, deselect "Is public?". This will result in the page being live to only admins.

Is Deprecated?
Select this to mark older versions. Users will see a message when they go to this version. Here's how it looks:

Displaying Version

Under Appearance > Site Navigation, you can toggle to display the version as part of the subnav or hide it.


Our versioning uses Semver

Can't preview a new version?

If you click on the preview button to a non-ReadMe subdomain that is not live and get a 404 page try logging in! Here's how:

  1. Go back to a live version (manually, clicking through ReadMe admin)
  2. Click on the upper right "Log In" button
  3. If there's no "Log In" button, click on "Suggest Edits" which will force you to log-in
  4. Go back to ReadMe and click through to your new version
  5. Voila! You should be able to see your non-live page

This occurs because we can't share a cookie across domains, sorry! We're working on fixing it.

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