Export Markdown Data

ReadMe allows you to export docs into Markdown files.


Exports are not complete.

Some information is lost during the exporting process. For example, instead of downloading images, the exported files contain URL references to images stored in ReadMe. Things such as the order of the categories, pages will also be lost within the export process. In addition, if you try to re-import exported reference documentation, it will be imported as regular documentation.

To export your docs, click on Configuration > Project Settings, then scroll to the bottom to Project Management and Export Docs.

Exporting a project includes all versions by default. To separate the versions, unzip the file and zip up versions individually.


Exporting project data includes everything except:

  1. Reference
  2. Custom pages
  3. Discussions

Any content in the API setup will not be exported, as that is separate from the markdown content.

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