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Welcome to the ReadMe Documentation, where you'll find comprehensive guides and community support to help you start working with ReadMe as quickly as possible!

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We use Intercom to handle all support. It provides a great experience for our customers—you can contact us in-app and get straight to it after we respond. No need to open up your email client!

Simply click on the bubble on the bottom right of your screen and the widget will launch.

In the widget you'll be able to search our knowledge base, submit a feature request, ask our community, and lastly check the current operation status of ReadMe.

Response Times

We do our best to answer all tickets in a timely manner, but sometimes we accumulate a backlog and may take longer than normal to respond. Please be patient—we will get back to you as soon as we can!

More details can be found in our terms of service.

Updated 5 months ago

Contact Support

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