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The Slack integration allows you to receive project notifications in your Slack workspace. This integration currently supports notifications for:

Setup and Configuration

To connect your ReadMe project to your Slack workspace, go to your Project Integrations on ReadMe (Configuration > Integrations), and click the Add to Slack button:

You'll be redirected to a Slack authorization page where you can select which channel/DM in your workspace that you'd like to send notifications to. Once you've authorized Slack, you will be redirected back to the ReadMe Integrations page, where you can configure your notifications by clicking Manage Slack Notifications.

A modal will pop up where you can configure which notifications you would like to receive. By default, all notifications are enabled.


Tip: Send different notifications to different channels

You can add as many Slack integrations to your workspace as you think makes sense for your workflow, making it easy to send notifications to #channel-1 for Suggested Edits, #channel-2 for Support Forum posts, @owlbert for everything, and so on. Just click the Add to Slack button for every new integration you wish to set up!

Disabling Slack Notifications

If you no longer wish to receive any or all ReadMe notifications in your Slack workspace, you can do one of the following:

  1. To temporarily disable notifications, navigate to the Manage Slack Notifications modal and uncheck any or all of the notifications you wish to disable.
  2. To permanently disable notifications, open the Manage Slack Notifications modal and click the Manage Configuration in Slack for the channel/DM you wish to disable. You'll be taken to the Slack Authorizations page, where you can disable any of the integrations you've configured, or revoke access for the ReadMe Slack integration completely. (And if you change your mind, just follow the steps above on setting up a new notification!)


Why am I still seeing the settings for a notification even though I've disabled it?

Immediately upon removal of an integration in the Slack Authorizations page (if you followed option two above), you may still see it in the Manage Slack Notifications modal. Don't worry! We will no longer send you notifications to that channel/DM (seriously — we literally couldn't if we tried!). The next time we attempt to use the integration, Slack will inform us that access has been revoked and we'll remove it from our system.

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