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ReadMe Documentation

Welcome to the ReadMe Documentation, where you'll find comprehensive guides and community support to help you start working with ReadMe as quickly as possible!

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Project Settings

Get to your project settings from Configuration > Manage Project:

Project Settings



Project Name

The name of your project as seen in your dashboard. Changing this does not impact your subdomain.


Used in the meta description, and seen by search engines and sites like Facebook.

Main URL

The URL for your company's main website. We'll link to it in various places so people can "Go Home."


Allow or prohibit indexing by search robots.

Suggested Edits

Enable or disable the Suggest Edits feature.

What are Suggested Edits?

Suggested Edits are a way for your community to let you know when they think a doc is out of date or could be better.

Disabling Suggest Edits in Project Settings will remove this icon from all pages.

What's Next

General Settings > Project Settings > Project Management

Export Data
Import Data
Change Subdomain
Clone Project
Cancel Subscription

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