Troubleshoot API Issues


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So you've put in a lot of time and effort into building out beautiful documentation for your API using ReadMe. Excellent!

But good API experiences aren't just centered around well-written documentation. You also need to understand how your users interact with your API and use that combined knowledge to make your developer experience even better. ReadMe Metrics reporting on API call volume, endpoint usage, and errors give you insights into your best use cases — and where developers might be getting stuck — to help you prioritize improvements.

What Questions Can You Answer?

With Metrics, it's easier than ever to answer key questions about how people are using your API:

  • Who are the heaviest users of your API?
  • Which endpoints are most heavily used? Which endpoints are least popular?
  • How are your error rates? Which endpoints are causing the most trouble?

You'll be able to apply these insights to make much more strategic decisions about your API. Here are a few examples:

  • Unique API users: determine if new or existing customers are fueling API usage and how this changes over time
  • Top API consumers: identify the top users and explore opportunities for upselling or endpoint improvements by observing how these power users interact with the API
  • API pain points: isolate endpoints that are causing the most trouble and identify opportunities for improvement