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The Basics

ReadMe is an easy-to-use tool to help you build out documentation! Each documentation site that you publish on ReadMe is a project. Within a project there is space for documentation, interactive API reference guides, a changelog, and many more features. Each project within your account is published separately.

When you first create a new project, you should include your project name, subdomain, and logo. Our company mascot, Owlbert, will then guide you through the steps to launching your docs.

Adding Documentation

The first step to creating your new documentation is to add page categories. Each of the documentation pages you write in ReadMe must be within a category! For example, the categories here are Getting Started, General Settings, etc.

There are two sections that you will be using: documentation for your general knowledge base and docs for your API reference. Feel free to use one or both, whatever suits your needs.

For your reference docs, you will first need to set up your API Setting, which creates the base properties of your API such as the name and base URL. You will want to create a new page for each HTTP endpoint in your API. You can also import an OpenAPI document and we’ll create the API setting and reference docs for you!

All your documentation is written in ReadMe Flavored Markdown. You can also drag and drop widgets, such as code samples and images, from a handy UI you'll find to the right of the markdown editor.

Customizing Appearance

After you have added your documentation, the next thing is to customize the appearance of your docs. Add and customize a landing page—the first page that users see when they access your site. In the appearance tab, you can edit the site colors, logo, and navigation links.

Managing Your Project

Finally, you can manage your project by enabling or disabling certain features, setting up a custom domain, and managing your team.

Launching Your Project

You can preview your page by clicking on your project name on the top left. You will be required to log in to preview it during the trial. When your documentation is ready to go live, you can launch by going to the Upgrade Plan tab and entering your payment information.

The onboarding steps when setting up your developer hub, with an orange arrow over the "Launch" button.The onboarding steps when setting up your developer hub, with an orange arrow over the "Launch" button.

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