Site Navigation

URL Structure

The URL structure of your site will be subdomain/docs/page-slug. Only the subdomain and the page-slug can be changed. The docs and reference paths cannot be changed.

Top Navigation

Left and Right Side Navigation

In this section you can add links to different parts of your documentation as well as external links.

Logo Link

The default link for the logo will be your landing page, but you can also set it to your homepage URL from your project settings.

Subheader Layout


By default, all enabled sections of the documentation appear as links across the navigation. This can be customized to collapse all sections as a dropdown instead.


If your project is part of an Enterprise group, this setting can be found on the group-level under Appearance > Theme Editor.

Links Example:


Subheader as links.

Dropdown Example:


Subheader as dropdown.


First Page

In this drop-down menu, you can select the first page that is shown when your users visit the site.


Section Names

The section names such Documentation can be changed here and it will propagate throughout your entire instance.


Show Version

Checking this will have the version number included in your breadcrumb links. Turn this off if you would like to hide the version number.


Hide Table of Contents

Checking this will hide the automatically-generated table of contents.


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