API Logs (Metrics) Pricing

All features, functionality, and charts associated with Developer Dashboard are included in all ReadMe plans, including our trial plan, so analyze away!

In order to unlock the full Developer Dashboard experience, integrate the Metrics SDK to start sending your API logs to ReadMe. For instructions on how to integrate the Metrics SDK, check out this page.

Purchase More Data & Unlock More Insights 🪄

Every ReadMe plan has access to up to 24 hours of API logs history and Try It data by default. To view your data over a longer period of time, you can purchase additional API logs. You can learn more about API logs (Metrics) pricing on our pricing page. Pricing is based on API request log volume per month — basically, how much API request data you're sending to ReadMe each month. Try It request data does not count towards your logs limit.

Adding more API logs

Adding more API logs is completely optional! We will not automatically charge you for more API logs, even if you're at your limit for the month. If you are over, we'll temporarily limit your history to 24 hours.

If you'd like to keep seeing API logs beyond that limit, you can always add more API requests in blocks of $100 per 1M requests.

To add more logs, refer to the Upgrade Plan section of your project dashboard.