Developer Dashboard & API Logs (Metrics) Pricing

All features, functionality, and charts associated with Developer Dashboard are included in all ReadMe plans, including our trial plan, so analyze away!

In order to unlock the full Developer Dashboard experience, integrate the Metrics SDK to start sending your API logs to ReadMe. For instructions on how to integrate the Metrics SDK, check out this page.

Upgrade Your Full Developer Dashboard Experience & Unlock More Insights 🪄

Every ReadMe plan has access to up to 24 hours of API logs history (in your project dashboard and hub) and Try It data by default. To view one full year of API request history, you can upgrade your Developer Dashboard experience.

You can purchase the full Developer Dashboard experience for $100 per month, which includes 5M logs. Need more logs? No sweat. Each additional 1M logs costs just $10. As you grow, simply add more logs and pay only for what you use. Included with this, you’ll receive:

  • 30 days of detailed logs in your project dashboard - in your My Developers page, as well as on API metrics pages in the Metrics section of your project
  • 30 days of detailed logs in the hub - in the My Requests page, in the Getting Started page charts, and in the Recent Requests charts on API endpoints pages
  • 1 year of request history, including the ability to export up to one year of API request data (Business & Enterprise plan customers only)

You can learn more about what's included with our paid Developer Dashboard experience on our pricing page.


Try It request data doesn't count!

Just a note that Try It request data never counts towards your API logs limit.

How to Upgrade Your Experience ⬆️

You don't have to pay for Developer Dashboard in order to get access to all of the features. If you, however, want to get the most our of your Developer Dashboard experience, we recommend paying for it so that your team and developers visiting your hub can get access to more than 24 hours of request history.

To add the paid Developer Dashboard experience to your ReadMe plan, in your left-hand navigation bar go to Configuration > Manage Plan > Add Developer Dashboard. The paid Developer Dashboard experience is only available for paid self-serve plans including Startup and Business. API Logs aren't currently available for purchase on the Free plan. If you're interested in upgrading your Developer Dashboard experience on a Free plan, reach out to [email protected] and we'll see what we can do!

For Enterprise customers, reach out directly to your CSM or email [email protected] to discuss purchasing more API logs for your Enterprise Group!