Metrics Pricing FAQ

All Metrics charts and functionality are included in your core ReadMe plan, so analyze away! Metrics pricing is based on API request log volume per month — basically, how much API request data you're sending to ReadMe each month.

Included API request logs per month

Some charts and functionality depend on sending API request data to ReadMe, like monitoring API usage and errors or showing API request history to authenticated users in your hub. Each plan has a certain amount of included API requests per month:

  • Free: 1M requests per month
  • Startup: 2M requests per month
  • Business: 5M requests per month
  • Enterprise: 20M requests per month

Adding more API request logs to your plan

Adding more API request logs is completely optional! We will not automatically charge you for more request logs, even if you're at your plan's included limit for the month.

If you'd like to keep using Metrics beyond that limit, you can upgrade your overall ReadMe plan to the next tier (like Startup ➡️ Business), or add more API requests in blocks of $100 per 1M requests.